Laser Tube Cutter for Medical Manufacturing

Unparalleled cut speed, precision and accuracy.

Precision Engineering

Medicut PRO series Laser Tube Cutter

configurable multi-axis laser system for small diameter tubular medical components. available in cw pulsed fiber or a fiber-delivered femtosecond laser upgrade
our niche

Hyper-Focused Design for Medical Device Manufacturing

Configurable Standard Options

• Multi-axis motion packages, various rotary options
• CW, Pulsed Fiber, and FIBER-Delivered Femtosecond Lasers
• Integrated closed-loop wet cutting w/ bypass option
• Full modular tooling array & part handling options
• Automated bar feeders and finished part extraction
• Custom modular base designed to accept any combination of available options

Safety & Compliance

• Engineered to keep you safe
• Class I CDRH Compliant Laser System
• Safety interlock devices, laser safety glass and E-stop controls
• Category III Safety Controls
• Fault detection and active monitoring as well as redundant safety circuits for all safety devices

Designed for Servicability

• Designed with service and ease-of-use in mind
• Small compact, space-saving form-factor
• Fully serviceable from the front and two sides
• Electronic and Controls systems designed to reduce complexity in terms of maintenance and replacement. Ability to change or replace discrete components without need for rewiring or incurring significant cost and downtime


• Standardized platform enables like-for-like expansion of manufacturing lines
• Hardware and tooling designed for long-term, high-volume manufacturing
• Robust enough for high-volume manufacturing, flexible enough for prototyping

Medicut Pro Series

Differentiated Technology


• We typically run about 2-5 times faster than existing processes
• In a few extreme cases we have improved our customers cycle times by almost 20X
• Send us your parts and we'll provide samples and cycle times

Advanced Motion Control

• The latest in advanced digital motion control hardware
• Control architecture allows for ultra-high speed synchronization
• All I/O controlled in microsecond time scale
• Enables unparalleled cut speed, precision and accuracy

High Dynamic Acceleration Profiles

• Built for extremely high acceleration, deceleration dynamic motion profiles
• Allow for moving through intricate and sharp geometry quickly
• Rotary options for peak velocities up to 3,000 RPM
• Resulting in cycle times reductions while maintaining tight profiling characteristics.

Full Modular Tooling Array

• Flexible enough for rapid prototyping, robust enough for high-volume production
• All tooling hardware built with 3-5axis of fine adjust with locking
• Part and Tooling change-overs in as little as 2-3 min
• Precision Regrip Module, m-code controlled regrip to less than 0.0005" positional error

Precision Engineering

Full Tooling Modularity and Flexibilty

Our Patent-Pending Modular Tooling Platform streamlines the tool change process for laser tube cutting.  Change tooling/tube sizes and be up and cutting in as little as 2 minutes.  Each tooling slice can be independently removed and swapped with various options.  These tooling options can be purchased at the time of the workstation order,  purchased at a later date, or swapped between machines on your floor.

  • 5-Axis Fine Adjust

    5 full axes of precision control at your fingertips via fine adjustment screws. X,Y,Z and full Tip Tilt ensure your tube is always aligned precisely where you need it.

  • Precision Regrip

    Execute precision automated regrip operations via our M-code controlled positioner. Precisely execute regrips with less than 0.0005" positional error. Typical Regrip times are performed in under 1 second

  • Quick Change-Over

    The worlds first true standardized modular tooling platform tailored for the Medical Device Industry. Change over tube sizes in 2-3 minutes.

  • Modularity

    Designed to be modular and built to be flexible for your specific needs. We will walk through each option with you to build you a specific tooling array suited for your exact needs. Tooling slices can be hot swapped and changed over at any time in just a few minutes.

  • Part Holding Options

    Precision bushings, adjustable v-block guides and micro tube handling, we offer options to cover your needs in addition to offering a threaded array for customer specific fixturing

  • Reliability

    Designed for both high-speed part and tooling change-overs. In addition, Built for reliability in a rigorous production environment. Ability to lock each and every slice in position allows for a seamless production process.

Applications Lab

Laser Cut Samples & Process Development

Microcatheter Shafts

• High speed interrupted helical slitting
• Variable pitch, variable laser on/off
• Brick patterns

Flex & Structural Members

• Provide structure to delivery systems
• Control bending planes and deflection angles

Structural Heart

• Valve frames, TAVR, TMVR
• Detachment elements
• Delivery system components

Stent and Tubular Components

• Neurovascular, Coronary, Peripheral stents
• Left atrial appendage occluders
• AAA stent grafts

Surgical & Sports Medicine

• Endoscopic tool components
• Surgical stapler, sealing, dissector components

our heritage

Deep Roots in Medical Manufacturing

Decades of Medical Experience

Our Leadership Team, Engineers, Investors and Advisors have been in medical manufacturing decades. We have extensive experience with early-stage startups, scaling, sustaining, and M&A.

End User Experience

The developers of the MediCut PRO platform are hands-on users of ultra-precision medical manufacturing equipment - we know the ins and outs of what the machines need to do

Medical OEM Requirements

We have worked with all major Medical OEMs, as well as startups, so we know their requirements from prototyping to high volume production

Founding Generation

Our Advisors and Investors are part of the founding generation of medech manufacturing

Precision Laser Tube Cutting

Improve your cycle times.

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