Medicut PRO - Laser Tube Cutter

Precision laser tube cutting workstations for medical device manufacturing

The Medicut PRO Series is the worlds fastest laser tube cutting workstation for medical device manufacturers. We’ve benchmarked against other major integrators and on average cut 2-5x faster while maintaining or exceeding cut quality.

Standard Laser Tube Cutter

Medicut Standard Features and Configurable Options

Custom Epoxy Granite

Our machine base is manufactured from a custom precision casting designed to provide a solid foundation offering exacting surface tolerances, significant vibration damping, great thermal stability, and superior corrosion resistance. In addition to 15X greater vibration dampening performance over granite, our bases feature quieter operation and no deterioration from common fluids.

Worlds Fastest Tube Cutter

We typically run about 2-5 times faster than competitor machines. In a few extreme cases we have improved our customers cycle times by almost 20X.

Medicut PRO Standard Features

Alpine Lasers Medicut PRO Platform is the worlds most compact and fastest laser tube cutter on the market.  This standard platform was designed from the ground up utilizing the latest and most advanced motion control technology.  Each and every subsystem was designed and configured uses world-class leading industry components. 


Class I CDRH

The Medicut Laser System meets full Class I CDRH Requirements, utilizing laser rated safety glass, safety interlocks and safety PLC hardware

Advanced Motion

Alpine partnered with top motion control experts to integrate the worlds latest technology in advanced motion control. The result is micron level precision and microsecond IO synchronization

Compact Footprint

The Medicut PROs compact footprint makes it the worlds most compact standard laser tube cutter on the market


Designed with ease of use and servicability in mind, utilizing all side access panels means our machines can be run back to back or serviced without having to pull away from the wall

Configurable Options

The Medicut PRO platform is available in both a standard and convertible (without top enclosure) configuration.  Each system is configurable with 2-4 axis, Integrated Wetcut,  fiber or femtosecond lasers, a variety of motion (Linear & Rotary) options, Automatic Bar Feeders, and Modular Tooling Platform


2 or 4 Axis

The Medicut PRO comes standard with a programable 2 Axis configuration and an additional manual 2 axis of precision fine tune adjustment. An option to upgrade to a full programmable 4 Axis machine is available to enable both flat cutting and off center tube cut capability

Fiber / Femto

We offer precision laser workstations utilizing both fiber and ultra-fast femosecond options. Laser spot sizes down to 10 microns.

3 Motion Packages

Motion packages optimized for your processing needs. Engineered with speed and precision in mind, designed around wet cut environments, available in 3 different collet options (Levin D, 3C & ER25).

Integrated Wetcut

Wet cutting system is fully contained within the machine enclosure, and controlled via the HMI. Wet cut tooling has been optimized for ease of use and quick part changeover.

Auto Feeders

Automatically load tubes, unload finished parts, and remove tail scrap. Increase system uptime, and allow machines to be run with minimal operator interaction.

Modular Tooling

A full range of tooling has been developed and tested to allow for part changeover in as little as 2 minutes. Read below to learn more...

Precision Engineering

Full Tooling Modularity and Flexibilty

Our Patent-Pending Modular Tooling Platform streamlines the tool change process.  Change tooling/tube sizes and be up and cutting in as little as 2 minutes.  Each tooling slice can be independently removed and swapped with various options.  These tooling options can be purchased at the time of the workstation order,  purchased at a later date, or swapped between machines on your floor.


    The worlds first true standardized modular tooling platform tailored for the Medical Device Industry. Change over tube sizes in 2-3 minutes.


    Our Cutting enclosure is designed with ease of use in mind. The box has full 3 axis adjustability and is mounted to a precision bearing slide for quick access and part removal.


    5 full axes of control at your fingertips via fine adjustment screws. X,Y,Z and full Tip Tilt ensure your tube is always aligned precisely.


    Execute precision automated regrip operations via our M-code controlled positioner. Precisely execute regrips with less than 0.0005" positional error.

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